Earned Media Strategy from Relevance

earned media

Late in May, I started my regular column on earned media strategy for Relevance, and online magazine about content promotion news and insights. I have creating a compendium of these posts here. You’ll find a cornucopia of topics here as I dig deep into earned media and bring you, what I hope, is the very best, […]

Marketing Failures: What would make your plan fail

marketing failure

Recently, I read The 10 Biggest Social Media Marketing Fails of 2013. All of us know that there are some good and successful marketing plans out there, while there are also some failures in marketing. Unfortunately, people tend to remember your bad rather than the good. That’s why failures always win and, yes, they are […]

Using Face-to-Face Communication in the Age of Social Media


Social media is a key factor in business’ media outreach efforts and marketing strategies. In the “Age of Social Media” – as I like to call it – being fluent with different types of social media will benefit multiple aspects of your business. Face-to-face communication is still an important part of the equation though. In […]

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